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Top Features that Make Highster Mobile the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software


A good mobile tracking program is a reliable tool for monitoring the cell phone activities of your children and your employees. And when it comes to choosing the best mobile monitoring software, Highster Mobile is the name to trust. So what makes Highster Mobile a good choice to monitor a cell phone from your computer?

What is Highster Mobile?

It is a highly advanced cell phone monitoring and tracking software that has the ability to confidentially track text messages and record phone calls on a target phone. This software is also very easy to install using either of two methods. The first one is via the ‘over the air’ links or OTA, by simply typing into the mobile device’s web browser. The other method is through directly transferring the app from the computer to a target device with the help of a Bluetooth connection or a USB cable.

What are the features of Highster Mobile?

Call Log – to view and record details of incoming and outgoing phone calls

SMS Log – to view sent and received text messages

Email Log – to view sent and received emails

Browser History Log – to view details of website browsed on the phone

Social Media Logs – to track activities using social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype

Remote Uninstall – this allows you to uninstall the mobile phone spy software without the user of the target phone knowing about it

Stealth Camera – allows you to take photos using the target phone’s camera, so you could see the surroundings in the location of the phone and the user

Photo Log – to see photos stored and viewed on the phone

Contact Detail log – gives you access to the information of the contacts in the phone

GPS Logs – enables the fetching of all details related to the phone’s GPS locations

Live Control Panel – allows you to log in to your account using your computer or your mobile device. By accessing your account, you will see all the details of the monitoring performed by Highster Mobile.

How is it installed?

Just like many other mobile phone monitoring software, Highster Mobile is to be downloaded and installed on a target phone. If you’ve done much research about cell phone monitoring software, you may have come across other companies claiming that they can teach you how to track a cell phone. This is very unlikely, and so you should not believe such promises. Highster Mobile is founded on reliability, which is why it lets users know how this product is to be used. Check out their website and find out more about the other amazing features it has to offer.