Top Tips to Reduce the Possibility of an Information Leak

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Top Tips to Reduce the Possibility of an Information Leak

According to studies, more than 6 billion data records on average are lost or stolen every day. Critical corporate data is at an even higher risk of security breaches, as leaks can occur through multiple channels in corporate settings.

In order to protect valuable information, companies need a comprehensive data security plan that can mitigate the risk of unwanted breaches.


Here are some tips that can help employers prevent the leakage of confidential information successfully.  

1. Recognize sensitive data:

One of the first steps toward data security and information leak prevention is the recognition of sensitive data. It’s impossible to prevent unlawful manipulation and exposure of data without knowing which parts of it are at a higher risk. Identify data that needs protection and then design a comprehensive security system that addresses all threats to critical information accordingly.

2. Establish a culture of workplace information security:

Information leaks don’t always take place due to an external security attack. An employee from your company may disclose sensitive information intentionally or unintentionally. Ingrain information security in your organizational culture by explaining the security protocols of your company to new employees. Stress the importance of data security by rewarding employees who take additional steps to protect critical information.

3. Conduct information security training sessions:

Building an information security culture in your workplace will minimize the occurrence of data leaks. However, to further reduce the risk of confidential data leakage, pair the strong culture of workplace information security with regular employee training sessions. Employees that are trained and fully aware of security protocols are less likely to leak sensitive information.  


Identify threats to your current data security system and explain the threats in detail to your employees. Discuss topics such as physical document destruction, identification of malicious software or vindictive co-worker activities with your workforce during the training session.

4. Monitor employee access and activities:

Malicious employees within your organization are a major threat to your company’s data. Studies suggest that an estimated 6.46% of data breaches take place due to a malicious insider. To protect your data from such attacks, ensure that you run a strong background check of each employee prior to their recruitment and monitor their activities through employee monitoring tools and mobile applications.

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