Trackers in Phones for Safety

Cell Phone Monitoring

Trackers in Phones for Safety


Back in the day, children were easy pickings for the vile and the villainous. Between 1981 and 1986, a man named Robert Black was involved in kidnapping and killing little girls—who also happened to be his daughter’s friends. Dean Corll was famously known as the “Candy Man” and is the man who inspired the “candy in the van” trope. As you might have guessed, he was goading children to his house using candy as bait. He also used a child accomplice—Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen—to goad children. This happened between 1970 to 1973.

One wonders what the absence of such alarming incidents today means? Has the media become too lax and isn’t reporting right anymore? Or have people become suddenly moral and good? Neither. It’s just that with the advent of the smart phone and learning from the chapters of history, parents have become smarter too. They’re using these phones to monitor their children, disarming possible pedophiles, molesters, and kidnappers from their vices.

How the GPS Turned the Tables

24 satellites up in space and their stations down here on ground are what make up the base for GPS. Global Point System aids in radio navigation globally. Initially intended for wartime purposes and still managed by the U.S. Department of Defense, GPS is as of today used by civilians all around the world. The service is provided to the people of the world without any charges or fees.

Using a GPS tracking device, you can work out exactly where someone is situated at the moment. You can locate cars, people, and even your phone if it gets lost. Many companies use GPS tracking systems to monitor their workers especially if the job requires movement of vehicles. Delivery services and cab hailing services are among the major users of GPS tracking devices. Increasingly so, parents have begun using GPS tracking as a tool for parenting. Using it they can keep tabs on their children 24/7 right from their own device(s).

Retaining Data

Not only does a GPS tracking system help you track the current location of a person, it also helps you view where they’ve been in the past 12 hours. The data is stored for future use. A memory card or some other form of internal memory stores this data and makes it available for your viewing later on. This way you can check and revisit where the device has been and amp your surveillance game.

What it Does

Surveillance of a mobile phone brings with it a number of advantages. At any given moment you can share your location with a family member or a friend. It allows you to travel alone with peace of mind and with the conviction that you’re not going to get lost. You can keep an eye on another person when they’re traveling, especially if they’re children or new to town. Often digital cab hailing services become infamous for their shortage of safety precautions. With a GPS tracking app, you don’t need to keep worrying.

Businesses where large fleets of vehicles have to move from one place to another, especially if they’re carrying something valuable, often use the system. Further monitoring of employee activity and behavior is also carried out to ensure quality customer service.

Interested in a Phone Tracking Software?

Never lose your location again with Highster Mobile’s ultra advanced GPS navigation system. Integrated into its mobile tracking app, it’s a technologically superior mobile tracking app which helps you keep track of calls, chats, videos, emails, locations, and more. You can even recover lost or deleted iMessages and even use a stealth camera for guaranteed surveillance.

The app is completely compatible with iPhone, Android, and other advanced phones and tablets. The Highster mobile monitoring software is quite easy for use, it can be installed effortlessly, and it comes equipped with some features which are to be found nowhere else in the industry. We’re always happy to be of service. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1(866) 611-9506.

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