How Tracking Apps Can Help Monitor Your Child’s Mental Health

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How Tracking Apps Can Help Monitor Your Child’s Mental Health


Critics of parents using tracking apps accuse them of invading their child’s privacy, but the truth is, these apps can be extremely crucial in assessing your child’s mental health.

Prevents Children from Cyberbullying

Remember the notorious Blue Whale Game that took the world by a storm last year? The online game resulted in an alarming increase in teenage suicides, after the administrator reportedly told the participants to take their own life as the final “task”. The entire game was based on manipulation and cyberbullying, where the victims were mostly teenagers already suffering from depression, PTSD, or suicidal ideation.

Using a tracking app can inform you of any such suspicious and threatening online activity your child may be a victim of. The Blue Whale Game, for instance, involves a series of texts and photos exchanged between the participants and the administrator. These can be viewed by parents who can then intervene immediately and save their children from such malicious apps.

Give Access to Information Exchanged

If your child has been acting unlike them self lately and isn’t opening up to you, it may be because something’s troubling them. Because tracking apps give you access to your child’s text messages, photos, and browsing history, you can be alerted of any unusual or worrying content exchanged or uncovered by them.

For instance, are there any texts indicating they’ve self-harmed or self-medicated? Do they sound increasingly disinterested in hanging out with their friends? Have they been reading articles online related to depression? Does the browser history show that they’ve looked up suicide, suggesting a possible inclination?

Prevention is better than cure, and knowing the sort of stuff your child is discussing can help you help them before the situation escalates.  

Help Parents Locate Their Child  

Tracking apps are also helpful in cases where the parents are aware of their child’s mental health.  Teenagers with high functioning anxiety or depression are often unable to operate at their full mental capacity.

In these cases, it’s always wise to keep track of their whereabouts so that you’re able to look out for them. In the off chance that they wander off to an unusual place or disappear for a long stretch of time, you can quickly locate them using the GPS software and get in touch with them.


Having a tracking app installed ensures that you are always up to date with your child’s whereabouts. For kids who suffer from mental health issues, this is an act of safety. Moreover, the tracking app can help you check up on your child’s whereabouts to see if they’re doing okay. It’s not always easy to determine whether your child is having a difficult time, even if they’re in school or at a friend’s house and checking up on them can hep you assess the situation better.

Highster Mobile provides mobile tracking solutions that are compatible with both iPhones and Android. Download the app now to make sure your child is safe, is getting the professional help needed for mental health, and can be easily located!

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