Using Tracking Apps for Added Scrutiny at Work

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Using Tracking Apps for Added Scrutiny at Work


In the olden days employers had hard work to do if they wished to monitor their workers. Usually this involved them leaving their own work and going round the workplace, peeking at every work station. But what if the “workplace” is a street, or a highway, or some other far away location? You can’t simply get up and cruise out to the highway to check how your drivers are doing.

What you can do, however, is use a mobile tracking software.

Why it Works

Unless you run a society of Luddites, chances are that all your workers carry mobile phones in their pockets. These nifty little gadgets not only keep you connected to them at all times, but also allow you to monitor them. If your business involves movement of vehicles to distant areas, especially if your workers transport valuable assets, a tracking app becomes imperative.

Monitor their Driving

When the workers have to drive long distances, business owners are increasingly concerned about the driving ethics. Drivers usually don’t like adhering to ethics and rules when they’re on their own, even though they’re told to. They might have signed the “terms and conditions” with you but when they’re out of sight, they believe they’re also out of mind.

As an employer it’s incumbent upon you to ensure that safety rules and road regulations are being followed at all times. Any generosity in terms of allowing unseemly behavior results in loss of reputation on your part. Through a mobile tracking app, you can randomly check up on how your drivers are doing at all times.

Hold them Accountable


As we said in the previous section, drivers tend to zone out and follow their whims when on their own. A mobile tracking app changes things drastically.

Think of it in this manner: is a person more likely to steal in a store when there’s a camera around or when there isn’t? Is a person more likely to eat messily when you’re watching or when you’re not? Is a child more likely to cheat on his paper when his teacher is looking or when she’s not looking? It all comes down to being watched. People behave themselves when they know they’re being watched.

Similarly, when the drivers know that you’re tracking them, they’ll be far more conscious and careful with their driving. They know they’re going to be held accountable for their tasks. They will also become more punctual and will be very eager to avoid any violations.

Ensuring Quality Customer Care

Often employees on the road tend to be rowdy and uncivil with your customers. While you might reassure the customer on call that you’re very sorry for the incident, the damage can’t be undone. Prevent such from happening by using a mobile tracking and spy app on the phones of your employees. With the knowledge that they’re being monitored, they’ll remember to behave themselves.

What you’re doing here is ensuring that your customers aren’t given any cause to complain. You need to practice caution especially if you deal with other businesses with whom you need to build long term connections. Maintain customer loyalty, keep them happy, and ensure that they’re referring your business to others based on your excellent customer service.

Looking for an App that Can Do All This?

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