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How To Set Up Verizon Parental Controls

verizon parental controls

What is Verizon? 

Verizon is a mobile service provider with 5G cellular wireless capabilities for its customers. It services iOS and Android devices, and is one of the most popular cellular providers in the United States. 

Many parents use Verizon to power their family members’ devices. They have parental controls that parents can use to keep their kids safe as they are using their smartphones for social media, web browsing, and texting and calling. 

Verizon Parental Controls 

To begin setting up parental controls with Verizon on their website one needs to first login. Select Parental Controls at the top, go to Network Computers/Devices, select the correct child, and click Add. Multiple devices can be added to setup restrictions across multiple devices. 

From here, parents can begin setting time limits, purchase limits, and limiting the data usage of their child’s devices.  

Smart Family App 

Verizon has the Smart Family App which parents can use to manage the restrictions across all of devices. With this app, parents can use content filters, limit and view texts and call history, set usage limits, manage the app activity, and track a device’s location. 

To get started with parental controls from Verizon, install the Smart Family App from the App Store or Google Play. Verizon’s parental controls can also be controlled by logging in to their website

The Smart Family App is not free, but it is a convenient way for parents to control and manage the settings on their child’s devices. It also costs $4.99 per month without location services and $9.99 per month with location services.

There is also a free trial for parents who want to try out the service for 30 days. Or parents can choose the Just Kids phone plan from Verizon and get Smart Family included along with a 5GB plan on the device. 

Manage Contacts, Calls, and Texts

The Smart Family app allows parents to control who a child is able to send text messages to or call, and view their history They are also able to set data limits on the device so that the child can learn good habits with how much they are using their smartphone.

Screen Time Restrictions

When time restrictions are turned on, parents will be able to set limits for when their children are able to use their device. They can set it so that they cannot use the device during family time, homework time, etc. This is a helpful tool when parents do not want their children distracted by their phone. 

Purchase Limits 

A parent set limits on the amount of dollars that can be used for purchases through the Verizon account. Purchases through other accounts like an Apple ID through the App Store will need to be restricted elsewhere. 

Location Tracking

With the Verizon Smart Family Premium app, parents can track the location of any of the devices that are signed up on the account. This can help parents know where their kids are at all times and know that they are safe. There is also a Location Check-In function, where parents will get location alerts when they arrive at a certain destination. If it takes too long to reach their destination, the parent will know that something may be wrong. 

Keeping Kids Safe with Verizon 

Verizon has many great features with its Smart Family App, and some of the features are still available even if the app is not installed, such as text and call monitoring and the ability to set data limits. Verizon understands how important it is to keep kids safe on their devices.  

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