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How To Set Up Viber Parental Controls

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What Is Viber?

Rakuten Viber, more commonly known as Viber, is a cross-platform software that provides free and instant messages and calls. Viber users have unlimited access to audio calls, text messages, and high-quality video chats. It allows you to create a group chat or video conference that can accommodate up to 20 people. Though cloud-based, you can contact offline users and even non-Viber users at a reasonably affordable price. Viber also offers private messaging and secret chats through its end-to-end encryption. 

Viber Messenger has a 4.4+ store rating with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Like most social media and instant messenger apps, they can be accessed from any mobile device and computer. With this app’s popularity, it is commonly utilized by kids and teenagers. 

Viber Parental Controls

Digital parental monitoring is more effective with the help of parental controls. These cover a wide array of scenarios from screen time to online activity.

Age Restriction

The official age rating for utilizing Viber is 13+. This means that privacy features are turned on by default and can’t be turned off until the user is 16. To take advantage of this safety feature, set up your child’s Viber account.

Regulate Group Chats

Keep track of your child’s group chats. They may be in one where they could be exposed to inappropriate content and/or language. To be safe, go to SettingsPrivacyControl Who Can Add You To Groups → Select only saved contacts. It would also be helpful to double-check the people on your child’s contacts list.

Block Users

If you track Viber and monitor calls and messages and come across inappropriate content from or messages from someone, block them. You may also block people from your child’s contacts list whom you believe to have a negative influence on them. Simply go to Settings then tap on Privacy. Select the Blocklist then tap the + (Add) icon. Choose the contact you wish to block from the selection window that will appear.

Do Not Enable Secret Chat

Viber supports a Secret Chat feature which supports a self-destruct timer for messages and screenshot protection. This can be useful, but it could be dangerous when used by teens. Discourage your kids from using secret chats and just stick with the regular chat features. You can monitor if they are maintaining secret chat which can be seen through the badge on the chat icon.

Keeping Kids Safe On Viber 

Viber’s official age restriction is 13, meaning a user should be at least 13-years-old to create a Viber account. As part of its privacy settings, certain features of this social networking platform can’t be enabled until the user turns 16. Note there are various loopholes to this restriction and anyone with cell phones – regardless of age – can utilize the app and secret chats irresponsibly. By monitoring your child’s Viber use and utilizing the mentioned parental controls, they can have a safe experience on the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Viber Parental Controls & Safety

How do I put parental controls on my child's phone?

iPhone and Android cell phones come with built-in parental controls that could be easily activated by navigating to the Settings page. For better and more convenient control, you could also install third-party monitoring apps like Highster Mobile.

What is the best free parental control app?

Parental control apps provide the best and most reliable services usually come with a price. In fact, it’s difficult to find a premium software program that offers free lifetime services. Some of these apps, however, have free trials. Also, some apps like Highster Mobile offer packages for a one-time payment and include unlimited access to features and upgrades.

Is Viber really secure?

Viber is one of the pioneering and leading cell phone messaging apps that offers safe and private cross-platform communication. All data is encrypted the moment it’s sent until before it reaches the recipient, making it less likely to be picked up by third parties.

Does Viber steal your information?

Viber doesn’t steal user information. Note that once you’ve allowed access to the phone’s address book, you grant that any contact information stored on your device can be accessed by Viber and used by them. When it comes to data sent/received through chat conversations, these can’t be stolen as they aren’t saved on their servers.

Which is safer: Viber or WhatsApp?

While both apps provide end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp offers this feature by default while you would need to enable this feature on Viber. Viber only encrypts initiated secret chats.

Can my Viber account be hacked?

Like any mobile app and social messaging platform, Viber could also be susceptible to hacking. This is why you must always proceed with extra caution when using one. If you have kids, it’s also highly recommended to utilize parental controls.