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What Are Employee Monitoring Tools And How Can They Benefit Employers?

Tracking workers’ activities in the workplace can be done through different methods, one of which is by using an employee monitoring mobile app. This is one of the most popular monitoring tools today that many employers utilize to help their companies achieve goals more efficiently and in a much shorter time frame.

Employee monitoring, which is the act of gathering data from employees at work and during working hours, is becoming the standard in different companies today. This strategy is known to improve the efforts of the workforce, as well as the results of those efforts.

While monitoring software, tools that can be used on company computers and phones, are the most popular when it comes to checking on employees, there are also a number of other methods that can survey workers and the working environment effectively.

What are these types of monitoring tools and why do employers utilize them?

Types of Employee Monitoring

  • Direct Monitoring and Supervision. 

This is the traditional way of checking on employees and tracking their work. While it may not use any tool or technology but rely solely on the management skills and presence of supervisors and other company higher-ups, it does the job of knowing what workers are doing and if they are indeed working during office hours. They would personally visit offices or workstations so they can see the ongoing tasks and their progress.

Unfortunately, it requires a lot of time and effort on the part of supervisors. And it they are not available to check on employees, the staff may resort to slacking off and wasting company time.

  • Surveillance Tools.

The use of a Closed Circuit TV system in business establishments and other places is quite well-known. In fact, homes and other public places also make use of CCTVs because of the security it provides. And this is why many companies set up this kind of surveillance cameras all over their building.

Unfortunately, it can only provide the least extent of coverage and monitoring. Employers will not be able to make sure if their employees are indeed working on their tasks or on something completely work-unrelated. Plus, workers can hide what they are working on from the cameras and make it look like they are busy with their jobs.

Thus, CCTVs may not be that effective in monitoring employees, unless strategically placed. However, while hiding cameras to capture what is really happening within company walls is an effective way of monitoring, it is deemed illegal and can get employers in trouble with the law.

  • Network Monitoring. 

This refers to the use of network firewalls and router logs to get data on internet traffic that comes into company computers or mobile devices. With these data, computer experts can analyze the network to see whether company protocols were breached. Some internet activities that are considered prohibited are visiting forbidden and non-work-related websites, communicating with outsiders and sending company data to others. They will also be able to determine which employee is responsible for any of the unlawful acts mentioned and more.

Moreover, hackers and any unauthorized usage of computers and digital data can be discovered and intercepted. This will protect sensitive company information from going onto the wrong hands, especially to rival companies.

  • Monitoring Software. 

Computer and cell phone monitoring apps are fairly new technology when it comes to employee monitoring. But even so, it is one of the best tools that can provide accurate and thorough results.

Some employees may not be agreeable to its use because these advanced systems can violate their privacy. However, if employers make use of monitoring apps properly and adhere to the rules of the GDPR, which is the General Data Protection Regulation, employees would not have to worry about their data being abused.

And companies will be able to enjoy the many benefits that employee monitoring offers. These include increased productivity, the safety of company personnel, and the security of business secrets.

Different monitoring tools bring different effects on companies. And there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods. But, regardless of their output, these technologies are primarily used for the safety and security of both employers and employees, or the company, in general.

Now, among these types of monitoring ways, today’s trending method is the use of computer and cell phone monitoring apps. Highster Mobile, in specific, is among the leading software that most companies use. And it has proven to be quite effective in getting the desired results, be it the effects on safety and security or on the success of the business.

And What Makes Highster Mobile effective?

Features of Highster Mobile

  • It offers a quick and easy set up in just three steps: purchase, download and activates, and then start monitoring.
  • It is user-friendly and has a simple arrangement, which allows for easy navigation and usage.
  • It gives employers access to messages, emails, apps and other computer or mobile device activity remotely.
  • It allows employers to set up alerts for any attempt to access websites that are not related to work.
  • Updates on GPS positions of employees are uploaded at regular intervals on a digital map.
  • It is affordable and offers free lifetime updates.
  • Customer service is available at all times.

Highster Mobile delivers these features and all its promises completely. Don’t expect to be disappointed with the results you get because it works!

What makes Highster Mobile even better is that parents do well with using it to protect their children. Not only is it the perfect employee monitoring tool, but it also does a great job at parental monitoring. It is simply great, reliable and very relevant in today’s digital world where children and adults alike consider technology, especially mobile devices, indispensable.

Actual users, parents, and employees in specific are singing praises for this amazing monitoring app.

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