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What is Remote Employee Monitoring and How Can It Help Companies?

The best software for employee monitoring, Highster Mobile, has been earning praise not only from employers but also from their workers. Using such a strategy in the workplace is most popularly known for its benefit of increasing productivity. Thus, more and more companies started incorporating their use in their daily routines.

Specifically, business owners are using monitoring apps in their establishments for the main purpose of keeping employees working efficiently, which results in more goals being reached and, ultimately, to the success of the company.

But what is remote employee monitoring all about? And what are the employee monitoring apps?

What is Remote Employee Monitoring?

According to Wikipedia, employee monitoring is the act of employers surveying employee activity through different surveillance methods. This is for different reasons, which can include tracking performance, avoiding legal liability, protecting trade secrets and addressing security concerns.

There are different types of employee monitoring that companies make use of.

Here are some of them:

  1. Telephone tapping
  2. Video surveillance and CCTVs
  3. Email monitoring
  4. Monitoring software

Currently, remote employee monitoring using spy software such as Highster Mobile is the trend with many companies. As compared to other methods of tracking employees, using monitoring software is more thorough as it can check employees’ activities on cell phones or computers during working hours, as well as their whereabouts. And bosses can do these at the comfort of their own offices, or even in the middle of a meeting.

Specifically, remote employee monitoring is described as the process of collecting information about employees at the workplace through their cell phones or computers using an app or software. And this is what Highster Mobile does.

It can track the activities of employees during their working hours, such as:

  • The messages and emails their send and receive
  • The apps they use
  • The websites they visit
  • The places they go

Now that you know what employee monitoring apps do, it is time we explore how these tools help companies.

How Can Employee Monitoring Help Companies?

There are many ways for monitoring apps to help companies, which makes it quite understandable how this method suddenly spiked in use. If parents are the number one users of such apps, which they use to protect children from the dangers that digital technology brings, employers and businesses come in a close second.

When it comes to employee monitoring, though, the use of spy apps is a bit similar to how parents utilize it, but also very much different. But no matter how business owners make use of these tools, there is no doubt about the positive effects it brings to companies, and to both employers and employees.

Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Apps

  1. It increases employee productivity. Would you be slacking off if you know your boss is keeping his eye on you? Of course not. On the contrary, employees will do their best and work hard because of it. This is one way on how monitoring apps increase productivity in the workplace. But more than that, company higher-ups can easily supervise their workers through monitoring software, which will decrease errors and help complete tasks effectively and quickly. And it is not just employees that work better, employers also do more because they can multitask.
  2. It establishes employee safety. Through monitoring apps, bosses can make sure that rules and regulations are followed. Thus, safety protocols will be effectively implemented and the welfare of the people within the company is assured. Plus, cases of harassment, bullying and other similar problems can be identified through employee monitoring and can be prevented.
  3. The security of the business can be strengthened. With employee monitoring, employers can make sure that nothing important, or confidential, to be specific, is getting out of the company. Company secrets remain secret. And those trying to get them out, as well as hackers and cyber thieves, will be discovered and stopped.
  4. Administration processes become better. Monitoring employees helps bosses identify the strengths and weaknesses of workers, which results in the better delegation of tasks, as employers will know who to assign a specific job to. Evaluating them also becomes more efficient as work processes are recorded, helping bosses identify which strategies work the best.

These advantages will definitely make any employer take the best cell phone monitoring software available and use it at work to make his business successful.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. With the advantages also come the disadvantages.

These would include:

  1. Increased stress on employees because they know they are constantly being watched.
  2. The strained relationship between employers and employees because workers may feel that their right to privacy is violated.
  3. Employees’ decreased satisfaction on the job and the feeling of wanting to quit.

These are some of the negative impacts of employee monitoring. But if employers adhere to the policies of the GDPR, know how to handle their workers and make them feel safe and important, using any monitoring software will be understood by employees and they will readily give their consent.

However, you can’t just use any spy app you can find. When you do, without even doing research about it and trying it out first, you might be disappointed with the results you get. You might just get a spy app that is quite expensive but does not deliver the results it promises on your hands.

So, if you want the best for your company, look for these specifics when you are on the hunt for the best monitoring software.

  1. It is easy to install. 
  2. It is user-friendly.
  3. It is affordable.
  4. It offers the most features that completely work.
  5. It provides customer service 24/7.

You won’t have to look too long, though. You can check out Highster Mobile and be impressed that everything you are looking for in a monitoring app is already there.

Visit Highster Mobile today and learn more about its services, as well as what actual users are saying about it. Then, try it out for yourself.