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Which is Better: Mobile Device Monitoring for Employees or Security Cameras?

Different employee monitoring tools exist, which includes the phone monitoring app for employees and security cameras. These are two of the most popular tools in the business industry today.

However, with the ongoing trend of using employee monitoring software or the spy app as a strategy for the success of companies, many business owners are questioning its use and whether it is the best option to reap the benefits of employee monitoring.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring is becoming a hot topic with company heads and business owners today. Evidence-based studies and actual company settings reveal that this strategy benefits businesses in more ways than any other method acquired by bosses.

But just what is an employee monitoring and how does it affect businesses positively?

Employee monitoring refers to the strategies or methods used by a company to track the activities of employees within the workplace and during working hours. It allows businesses to monitor worker engagement and their locations during their shift, whether it may be work-related or not.

And while employee monitoring draws a number of flakes from the employees concerned, as well as from consumers, its benefits cannot be denied.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

  • Mainly, employee monitoring is utilized to increase the productivity of workers. Through this strategy, the staff can be easily tracked and supervised remotely. Thus, work is completed faster and fewer errors are committed. Improved productivity can also be the result of employees being aware of being monitored, thus they work harder and don’t waste company time.
  • It is also used to protect corporate resources. Monitoring also extends to company secrets and confidential data. Being able to track mobile devices and computers allows company heads to make sure that hackers and unauthorized handling is prevented.
  • Security in the workplace and in the company, in general, can also be achieved through employee monitoring. Because of the different tools utilized for such purpose, unacceptable behavior can be easily detected and employees who are responsible for the undesirable act can be identified. Therefore, certain dangers, especially to the workers themselves, can be avoided.

Based on the study done by the International Data Corp (IDC), 30-40% of internet access done by employees is not work-related. Imagine the amount of company time wasted by these actions, time that should have been used for important tasks that can help companies succeed.

In fact, in the United States, approximately 40% of productivity is lost annually because employees waste their time on the job.

Moreover, the study revealed that 21-31% of employees sent sensitive emails containing data that companies keep secret. When these data get into the hands of rival companies, it can wreak havoc where success would have been.

Because of these revelations, employers have placed stringent efforts in employee monitoring.

What is Employee Monitoring Tools?

Employee monitoring is becoming a staple in companies today. And it is also proving to be an effective method for businesses to reach their goals. But what does monitoring employ in order to get the expected benefits?

Since employee monitoring gathers information about workers’ activities and locations, it makes use of various methods and tools to achieve this purpose.

Moreover, there are employers who utilize several of these tools at the same time for the best results.

  • Different Employee Monitoring Tools
  • Security cameras or video surveillance
  • Telephone tapping
  • Email monitoring
  • Monitoring software
  • Keylogging

Employee Monitoring App VS Security Cameras

Among the different tools used for employee monitoring, monitoring apps like Highster Mobile and CCTV cameras are the most popular ones. But between these two, which is the better option for business establishments or offices that can provide the best results when it comes to monitoring workers?

  • Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software such as Highster Mobile allows employers to remotely check on their staff from their own smartphones or computers. Through this technology, the internet and phone activity of employees can be tracked, as well as their locations.

Some of the things that monitoring apps can reveal to bosses are the websites that workers’ visit, the apps they use, how long they are on the computer or phone, emails and other messages sent and received or calls made, and the places they go to during office hours.

Because of these data, employers will know if company time is made productive and they can ensure the safety and security of both their personnel and of the company. Plus, they can evaluate the projects done and make improvements on how to complete them faster and more efficiently.

However, one main issue that the use of monitoring apps brings is employees’ privacy concerns. With the way this software can be intrusive, workers feel like their rights are being violated.

Fortunately, proper explanation and education from the company head usually solve this problem. And as long as companies comply with the legalities, all becomes well with the use of spy apps.

  • Security Cameras

Since safety should be the top priority of every business establishment, security cameras are most commonly placed in and around buildings to capture everything that goes on within the camera’s frame. And when something needs to be rechecked on the videos, going through the recorded films are easily done, whether it is for confirmation or investigation.

Security cameras, or CCTVs, are a reliable and convenient way to see who goes in and out of buildings, as well as monitoring people’s activities all over the place. Through this tool, employers and security personnel will be able to see what employees do and if they are in their workstations during working hours.

However, surveillance cameras need to be strategically placed in order to optimize their function. If not, they will not be able to provide what companies want to see, such as the tasks that employees are working on.

Both the monitoring software and the security camera have their own benefits. And it depends on the nature of your business or the way your company is set up to know which monitoring tool would best help you.

Or, you can use both for better peace of mind and have the best of both techniques.

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