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How To Set Up Xbox Parental Controls

xbox parental controls

What Is The Xbox One? 

The Xbox One is the newest gaming console from Microsoft. A very popular device, it is used by millions of people all around the globe. It offers lots of games as well as a built-in app store and web browser if it is connected to the internet via Xbox Live. Popular games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone have fueled the popularity of the Xbox One among adults and kids alike. 

Due to the popularity of the Xbox One, there are many parents who have purchased the console for their kids. Many of the games are played exclusively online. With kids logging on to their Xbox One and getting access to the internet and apps like YouTube and Netflix, it’s important for parents to monitor the device to make sure that their kids are using it safely. 

Xbox One Parental Controls 

The Xbox One uses the gamertag system for logging in to user accounts. Each child can have their own gamertag to keep their settings separate from other family members. When it comes to setting up Xbox parental controls, it has built-in settings that are easy for parents to set up. 

Content Restrictions

To set-up content restrictions on the Xbox One, go to SystemSettingsAccountFamily → Select Manage Family Members. Select the child’s user account and select Access to Content. From there, the parent can set an appropriate age limit for the child’s account. This will automatically filter out content that is above the age limit. 

Web Filtering

Under the Family tab, parents can set web filtering settings and restrictions for their child’s account. The Xbox One has a built-in web browser, so it’s important for parents to have settings in place that will keep them from being able to access explicit and violent content. 

Restrictions for Apps, Games, & Media 

Content restrictions for the apps, games, and media that are available on the Xbox One. To enable them so, sign into the Microsoft account on their website. Go to the kid’s name and select Content Restrictions. Under Apps, Games, & Media, turn on Block Inappropriate Apps, Games, & Media

Blocking Purchases

Xbox Live allows the user to purchase games, movies, and other content and use it from compatible devices. Parents are not going to want their kids racking up charges on their credit card without their approval. To limit the purchases on the Xbox One, go to SystemSettingsAccountFamily SettingsManage Family Members. Select the child’s account and go to Privacy & Online SafetyXbox Live PrivacyView Details & Customize Buy & Download. From here choose the Ask a Parent option. 

When this is selected, the child will need to get parental approval when they are attempting to purchase something on their Xbox One. 

Screen Time Limits 

Another tool for parents on the Xbox One is viewing and setting a screen time limit for their child’s account. This will show the parent how much time their kid has spent on the device. To manage Screen Time, go to the family’s account and sign in. Choose the child’s name to set limits to screen time. . 

One option is to schedule screen time for all of the devices or go to the specific device to turn it on or off. In the settings, the parent can select the time that they can use their console for. They can also specify time limits based on the day of the week. 

Help Kids Use Their Xbox Safely

Microsoft’s Xbox One is the one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. When it comes to online safety, it’s important for parents to be able to monitor their child’s account on the Xbox to make sure that they are not accessing content that is not meant for someone of their age. The console has great built-in restriction settings, so parents will find it easy to keep their kids safe while they are using Xbox One and Xbox Live.

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