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How To Set Up Xfinity Parental Controls

What Is Xfinity? 

Xfinity is a company owned by Comcast that provides internet, phone, home security, and television services. For their television services, they offer two packages: X1 and Flex. The one many families opt to get is the X1 package which includes access to cable and live television, DVR, On-Demand content, and the Sport Zone app. 

Parents whose kids are using Xfinity will want to make sure that they are safe while they access the Internet and watch TV, so there are built-in tools for parental control restrictions that they can use. Those who are using the Xfinity X1 box will be able to control the settings through the device. 

Xfinity Parental Controls

Xfinity has parental control features for parents to keep their family safe. Parents can set up a pin to control the settings and set restrictions, restrict Pay-Per-View and On Demand purchases, and restrict specific channels, shows, and movies. Parents can also control restrictions using the Xfinity xFi app or website.  

Getting Started With Xfinity’s Parental Controls 

To set up parental controls with Xfinity, go to the homepage by entering using the username and password. Go to the Devices section to manage devices that are connecting to the network. The settings of specific devices can be controlled under the People tab. 

Setting Time Limits

To edit the time limits on the account, go to the People tab. Now select Recent Activity and Bedtime Mode. From here, parents can edit settings controlling how much time a specific profile is able to watch TV. 

Filter Inappropriate Content 

The parent can also filter the content that they want their child to be able to watch. To edit these settings, go to Overview and click on the person you want to edit the settings of. Now select Recent Activity → Edit Parental Controls → Select On.  Here, the user can apply settings to the channels and content that the profile is able to watch. 

Keeping Kids Safe On Xfinity 

Xfinity is an all-around great service to enhance and secure your home. There are a lot of families that are using Xfinity who utilize the various parental controls they offer. Set restrictions and manage settings on the xFi app or homepage to control what your child views on television.

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