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How To Set Up Yubo Parental Controls

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What Is Yubo?

Yubo, previously known as Yellow, is a social media platform developed by Twelve APP. It has a 4.3+ store rating with over 48 million users across the globe. It offers a platform where strangers can meet, chat, and share/watch live streams. 

New users to Yubo are required to provide personal information like name and date of birth (for age verification). To verify an account, the user must provide an active phone number to where an activation code will be sent to. Once everything’s set, a user can start swiping to filter who they can chat with and get to know. Users may host live streams and at the same time, watch and/or interact with their newly found friends’ videos. 

Yubo Parental Controls

Yubo is an appealing app for teens since it supports chats and live streams. Like apps of their kind, there are certain community guidelines that users must adhere to. Developers have also put in place certain safety nets like the ability to block users with fake accounts (screened by a team of human moderators). The developers also take pride in the development of an algorithm to screen for nudity in live streams. This will lead to the shutting down of the feed and the temporary blocking of the user.

Here are some of the other safety nets that parents can set up as additional parental controls.

Sign-Up Process

The signup process encourages accountability, although some go out of their way to circumvent the process. Users must be 13-years-old and above must provide their real identity and have parental permission. If possible, create your kid’s Yubo account. At the very least, make sure they enter the right data during the process.

Profile Settings 

Preferences, which are found under their Profile Settings, may be set up right after the signup process or later on. To do so, simply click on the Gear icon or the three dots at the top right of the profile screen then select Settings. From there, select to hide the location to keep it private and to prevent others from using your child’s mobile number to find them on Yubo.

Swipe Preferences

Swipe preferences can be changed by going to the Profile then Settings. Under Manage Swipe, choose the gender, age range, and location of the people you want your kids to swipe on. You can also hide your kid’s profile from appearing in Swipe.

Report User and Flag Content

To report a photo or live stream that you find inappropriate, tap on the three-dot icon. A menu will appear where you may select the reason why it’s inappropriate. If you believe a user has violated guidelines, click their profile picture then tap on the little shield icon with a question mark in the top-right corner. Select to Unfriend, Block, or Report the user.

Keeping Kids Safe On Yubo

Though there is a moderated community for users aged 13-17, Yubo’s full features were designed to be suitable for 18+ users. Since the app’s free and easy to use, it has rapidly gained popularity among teens and adults alike. One of the app’s ultimate goals is to create a safe and positive online world where users from across the globe are connected. 

Since its launch in 2015, several changes have been implemented to achieve better security protocols. Then again, like any other digital platform, Yubo doesn’t guarantee 100% safety and security. This is why you must take precautionary measures when using the app like enabling parental controls. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yubo Parental Controls & Safety

How do I lock a live stream on Yubo?

Yubo offers an option to make your video streams available to a selected audience by locking your live stream. Simply tap the Gear icon on the bottom right part of your screen while streaming. Click on participants, then enable the Invite-only option. By doing so, the live video will no longer be visible on the feed. Note that there must be at least 3 streamers in the room to enable this feature.

Can you use Yubo if you're 18?

While they also offer a separate community for younger users aged 13-17, Yubo was designed for users aged 18+. It’s rated 17+ in the iOS App Store and is marked ‘T’ (Teen) in Google Play.

Is Yubo a dangerous app?

Ever since it changed its name, Yubo has been significantly improved, adding more security features and addressing certain safety concerns. Like other social networking sites and dating apps, Yubo doesn’t guarantee a 100% danger-free platform. Extreme caution and basic precautionary measures are still highly recommended.

Can I trust Yubo?

Yubo has gained various nicknames since its launch in 2015, including Tinder for Teens and Tinder of Snapchat. If you’re specifically looking for a platform where you can meet new friends and stream and/or watch videos, you can trust Yubo. Note that though you can trust Yubo as a platform with built-in safety features, watch out for malicious users on the app.

How do you stay safe on Yubo?

You can stay safe on Yubo by maximizing its safety features, including contacts filter, hide-my-city feature, swipe preferences, and more. To further enhance your protection, you must always proceed with extra caution. Be selective with whom you swipe left or right on, be mindful of the information you share, and be careful when hosting a live stream. If you’re a parent or a guardian, add an extra layer of protection by installing monitoring software.