Boosting Employee Productivity: How An Employee Monitoring Program Brings Out the Best In Employees

Boosting Employee Productivity: How An Employee Monitoring Program Brings Out the Best In Employees

There should be no doubt in everybody’s mind the crucial role that employees play in contributing to a business. Roles that may look upon employee monitoring as an invasion of privacy. After all, they are the ones that are responsible for a business’ growth and productivity. With that said, business owners and managers need to be proactive, not reactive, in finding ways to increase productivity because there is no way that it will improve on its own.

What most companies do is they use an employee monitoring program designed to cut down on wasted resources and optimize productivity. So how can employee monitoring help businesses and what tools should a business use for monitoring?

Monitoring is about how a business can manage their workforce better, increase productivity on an employee level, and achieve the goals set by the company.

Here Are Some Of The Features That A Good Monitoring App Should Have:

  • Covert monitoring: Being an employee means that you will need to focus on the task at hand or there will be delays in completing it. An employee will not be able to concentrate on what they are working on if there is a pop-up every twenty minutes or so saying that they are late checking in with the task. A good monitoring app should be able to handle tracking and observation without interrupting them.

  • Live and remote monitoring: It is a universal consensus amongst business owners that a monitoring app should be able to give real-time and live reports on the activities of their employees. It is also a given for every remote employee that the company has. With this feature, the manager will be able to handle any errors on the part of the employee in real-time so the effects will be minimized.

  • View reports on previous employee activities: Businesses may not have the manpower to check all of their employees’ activities in real-time. Having the monitoring app prepare a report on what an employee did will help companies correct or streamline processes, or weed out the people who are not working correctly.

  • Convenient and quick tracking of physical locations of employees: Managers may sometimes need to pull out a team or an employee to another location to do another task. Tracking the location of employees will let him know which would be best equipped to handle the job with the quickest response time.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Powerful Employee Monitoring App:

  1. It lets bosses review the performance of their employees. Monitoring can increase productivity and identify those with exceptional performance by making reports of the employee activities. Business owners will be able to view these reports, work out what problems need to be addressed, streamline the process if there is any need, and see which employees went above and beyond their duty to help the company grow. Plus, knowing that their bosses have their eyes on their performance, employees will be motivated to do better and do only those tasks which will benefit the business.

  2. It allows business owners to measure the productivity of the employees. In very simple terms, productivity is the amount of tasks finished in a set amount of time. This means that the more tasks done by the employee within a work day, the more productive they are compared to other employees with the same tasks. It also allows the managers and other higher-ups to come up with solutions to productivity issues by viewing the tasks finished, amount of time spent on unproductive activities, and other actions by the employee. Plus, employee monitoring acts as a deterrent for employees who would otherwise waste time on social media or internet videos if they weren’t monitored.

  3. It lets managers and supervisors track the amount of time spent by employees in time-wasting activities. Many businesses are shifting their workplace from fixed workstations into mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. They are encouraging employees to use these devices for their tasks. However, the temptation to waste time on mobile devices may be too great for some employees. In fact, as many as 80% of employees may waste up to 2.5 hours of company time every day. This sets the company back by more than $20,000 per year on just one employee.

    Having a powerful monitoring app like Highster Mobile lets business owners identify the people who are wasting time and other company resources. They will be in a position to track and observe the way their employees behave while using their company phones, which sites they are frequenting, and how much time they waste on unproductive actions. They will then be able to correct these behaviors or get rid of the people who are wasting company time and money.

    Having said that, employers know that slacking is one of the biggest problems in the workplace. Having access to monitoring reports lets them know who the employees with the lowest performance levels are and why they have such a low performance. They may lose their focus because of a problem or a workplace distraction.

  4. It boosts data security. Data leakage is a very real threat that should be addressed by every company, regardless of the size. Monitoring phone conversations, call logs, emails and text messages will enhance the ability of the company to detect possible data leakage early and stop it in its tracks before too much damage is done.

Highster Mobile is a power and reliable cell phone monitoring app that can help businesses track and observe their employees’ behavior while they are inside the workplace. It is relatively simple to use and will allow employers to access just about every company phone. Interested? Pay our website a visit right now to learn more!