Employee Monitoring In The Workplace: Holding Your Employees Accountable

Employee Monitoring In The Workplace: Holding Your Employees Accountable

Surveillance or spying is usually the first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions employee monitoring. When we hear employee monitoring, we thought about employee monitoring software. Employees think that by monitoring their work, their managers and supervisors will somehow invade their privacy and many of them are afraid of this. However, employee monitoring has become more and more the norm that nobody is surprised about. This is most probably due to the fact that most employees now understand that the sole reason for doing monitoring is to enhance the work done by the employees and boost productivity.

In the recent past, the process of employee monitoring was limited in its methods. It was usually done with just security cameras scattered around the workplace. Technology has advanced, and with it, the methods and tools used in monitoring employees. Now, there are so many ways to monitor how employees behave in the workplace that correlates to how much work they put in every day.

Monitoring employees through software – This comes in two types, monitoring through employees’ company-owned computers and monitoring through their phones. Both employ two vastly different applications, but both are aimed at enhancing the productivity of employees by making them accountable for the hours that they have logged in at work.

  • Using surveillance cameras – It usually aims to observe employees and their activity at a specified location. This is quite limited since camera views can be obstructed or have blind spots.
  • Monitoring employees’ locations – This can be done through GPS trackers and is often employed when there are employees in the field, like technicians or sales people.
  • Keylogging – Every time an employee strikes a key on the keyboard, it is logged on company servers. It can determine whether the employee has been spending time away from his work, and on other, less productive pursuits.

Identifying Some Common Activities That Waste Time

This is where mobile phone monitoring software stands on its own. They are one of the best ways to identify which employees are not spending enough time at work and how they spend their paid time. One of the best monitoring software programs out there is Highster Mobile.

Workplace time wasters often include social media, textings, and games, specifically mobile games. Most companies are already implementing policies that require only approved apps on company phones or not have any apps at all. However, not everybody abides by this policy, even if they already know that about it.

Mobile phone monitoring apps help you put a stop to these time wasting activities and identify the people that are wasting your money and time. With these apps, you can block access to certain apps remotely, thereby making sure that the company phones and resources are used responsibly and correctly. Also, you’ll be able to get real-time data on how these phones are being used, giving you the ability to immediately resolve the situation.

How Mobile Phone Monitoring Benefits The Company

Employee Monitoring In The Workplace: Holding Your Employees Accountable

- There Is Increase In Productivity

Statistics have shown that 64% of employees have disclosed that they have been visiting non-work related sites every day while they are on company time. 79% spend between 1 - 5 hours on time wasting activities, and an appalling 3% even spend 10 hours or more each and every day. Imagine having 3% of your workforce not doing any work but getting paid for just being in the office.

Monitoring will help companies understand how their employees work, and how much time they spend on time wasting interests and company tasks. It helps to identify those who should be on the block and those who should be commended for outperforming the others. Overall, it makes things more visible and the employees become accountable.

- Real-Time Monitoring

It is essential to have real-time monitoring if you are running a large company, a team with many members, or a team who works remotely. It helps to give you some insight as to how they work. They’re not in the office to play games or watch funny cat videos all day anyway. You can figure out what the activities of each individual employee are if you have good, reliable software like Highster Mobile.

One of the underrated facts about monitoring is that employees feel more appreciated and important if you are monitoring them. It encourages discipline which will translate to a boost in efficiency and improved results. It means that they have proof of the work they put in each day.

- Automation

Choosing the right mobile phone monitoring app, such as Highster Mobile, gives you the ability to remotely and automatically observe and track their activities while they are on their company issued phones. It records and logs all they did and helps you create a report that can be proof of their misbehavior.

- Company Security

We have all heard of the term corporate sabotage. It’s an ugly term, and the person who initiated the act could be facing lifelong bans and blacklists from companies in the same line of business, if not outright legal action. Highster Mobile helps companies keep track of employees’ emails and texts, which are sent from and received by their company phones. This ensures that they are not doing anything that would jeopardize the company. Being careful and prudent has always been a virtue and is never more true than in this scenario.

Employee Monitoring In The Workplace: Holding Your Employees Accountable

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