Employee Monitoring Tools for SMBs: How Essential Is It?

Employee Monitoring Tools for SMBs: How Essential Is It?

First off, we should consider the question of what employee monitoring software programs are and how they synergize with employee monitoring devices. Employee monitoring software is the term used to refer to any application or program that can help track and create a report on any employee’s activity. All of these apps have a lot of different features to offer their users, but almost all of them include email tracking, work time tracking, and logging browser history.

Would An Employee Monitoring Software Be Useful For You?

Small business owners usually consider cash flow whenever they are deciding on whether to purchase something or not. One of the things that they think about is if they are actually going to need such monitoring software, especially if the staff only consists of a few people. Some of them might be working remotely, who are more difficult to monitor.

But monitoring apps can be used by all types of businesses for all kinds of employees, even those who work remotely. It is almost impossible to keep track of what employees are doing without the help of a monitoring software, even if your business does have a physical office. Security cameras can’t see everything and employees may hide what they are doing if they see a supervisor looming in the corner. They could be game-changers in getting lost value back to the company. However, the topic of installing and implementing monitoring apps and protocol can be a bit prickly and many employees would go up in arms if they hear they are going to be monitored.

Apps like these are legal in most countries and states, to a certain extent. There might be a need to procure a special consent for the company to implement the software and the protocols. So, you need to have a quick talk with your lawyer just to make sure that everything is good before you start implementing the system.

Why You Need Employee Monitoring Tools

Contrary to what some people might say, there’s a lot to be said about employee monitoring apps. There are a lot of benefits that a company can enjoy when they use employee monitoring software. There are reasons why small and medium businesses need them. Below, we will explore the top five reasons why SMBs need monitoring apps. Keep reading and find out why your company stands to gain from using a monitoring app.

Employee Monitoring Tools for SMBs: How Essential Is It?

- It Boosts Company Security

It is estimated that more than 60% of businesses who suffered a data breach had 1000 employees or less. And the data that leaked came from the inside of the company, not from some hacker breaking into it. Many companies, even Uber and Yahoo, weren’t spared and they suffered cyber attacks as well.

Tracking an employee’s online and work activities displays the logs of all sites and emails sent and received by them. You will be aware of data leaks earlier than others, giving you more time to formulate a proper response to it. It also helps you to see internal and external threats to your company and devise a way to neutralize those threats.

Using monitoring apps can also help you see what types of files your employees are downloading or uploading and where they got them from. You will be able to determine if a person downloads classified and sensitive material from the business’ domain and sends it somewhere else.

- It Prevents Information From Being Stolen

Many small business owners often balk at the amount they have to pay for a good monitoring software. The argument always is that the cost of using monitoring apps is small when compared to the amount the company can potentially lose if their info is stolen. Business owners should understand that the security of their company, customers, and employees should be the paramount concern. That alone should be reason enough to get a monitoring software installed.

Illegal activities like corporate sabotage can be easily detected if a business started implementing security and monitoring protocols, especially if the saboteur is not working alone. A company will be able to detect the incriminating emails, text messages, or other communications. Even if these messages are deleted, top monitoring apps like Highster Mobile can retrieve them for you. You can find who the guilty party is and stop the saboteurs in their tracks. And you can produce proof exonerating your company of any wrongdoing in case there is a lawsuit.

- It Increases Employee Productivity

Studies have suggested that employees are wasting around 1.5 to 3 hours of company time every day. These employees are using non-work related sites, playing games, and are participating in other non-productive activities. There is also a study that says about 3% of employees waste more than 8 hours of work time every day. Considering that the hours not worked are still paid by the company, they are technically stealing money from the business, to the tune of $26,000 per employee every year. That’s a big sum of money being wasted. If your company started using monitoring apps on your employees’ company-owned cell phones, you can reduce the wasted time to almost zero by identifying the most time-wasting activities on an employee-by-employee basis.

- It Serves As A Deterrence

This is precisely why using monitoring apps can be so effective if used properly. People will start to work more efficiently and productively because of the overhanging knowledge that they are being monitored. They will be discouraged from engaging in time-wasting activities if they see that the monitoring and tracking protocols are effective. It’s this fear of being found out that makes them work harder and more efficiently.

Employee Monitoring Tools for SMBs: How Essential Is It?

Employee monitoring is a powerful tool to get the most out of your workers. With powerful apps like Highster Mobile, observing and tracking your employees’ activities is as easy as ABC. Visit our website https://highstermobile.com to learn more.