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Safe Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents and Employers

With over 500,000+ downloads – Highster Mobile is the most complete cell phone tracking and spy software.

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Highster Mobile is the most preferred cell phone monitoring software due to its stunning features. No matter what your mobile tracking needs are, Highster Mobile can make your life easy and stress free with features it provides as promised. This is the reason for Highster Mobile being the most used cell phone tracking device. It caters to every type of users even those who have no technical knowledge.

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Safe Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents and Employers

With over 500,000+ downloads – Highster Mobile is the most complete cell phone tracking and spy software.

Highster Mobile SMS Feature

SMS Text Messages

Every text messages sent or received is stored even if the log history of messages is deleted. Text messages are very popular mode of information exchange and kids prefer text messages over voice calls.

Many employers are stressed out that sensitive documents in the office could be copied from a mobile phone. Any employee could easily take picture of documents and send them over to the competitors. Highster mobile’s tracking ability helps avoid these scenarios.

Highster GPS Location

GPS Location

GPS feature of Highster Mobile gives out the location of phone in regular intervals. It is a useful tracking feature which is helpful for parents worried about where their kids whereabouts.

GPS features also helps keep track of employee’s behavior outside the office particularly when the work involves a lot of travel. Highster Mobile’s GPS feature helps you greatly in locating your kids and employee in a much easier way. GPS location feature is also very helpful in locating misplaced phone as well.

Listen to surroundings Highster

Live Control Panel

Highster Mobile’s extremely sophisticated control panel not only has advanced features to track every aspect of the target phone. It is also designed with ease of use in mind.

Live control panel makes it really easy to organize all the data in one single display and get all details of the target phone in an easy and dynamic way for the users. Users can choose the advanced settings options for logs, screen options, and much more.

Highster iMessages


iPhone & iPads iMessages could be tracked easily using Highster Mobile. It records messages sent from and received on the tracked device. Instead of the text messaging feature of the carrier, a lot of new generation cell phones use this new technology.

Many monitoring software’s could only track regular text messages, but not iMessages. Highster Mobile besides tracking the messages and recording them could even try and retrieve text messages that have been deleted by the user.

Highster Mobile Photo Log

Phone & Video Log

View and record all pictures & videos shot and received by the cell phone in the control panel of Hisghter Mobile easily. Due to the increase use of picture taking by cell Phone cameras. Highster Mobile Phone & Video log is a very useful features in knowing the activities of the target phone.

Also, due to internet connectivity on the phone, kids are exposed to the world of internet to lots of unsuitable content. Highster Mobile’s multimedia tracking feature is a life saver for the parents looking to safeguard their kids from these issues.

Highster Call Log

Call Logs

All incoming and outgoing number is tracked and logged along with its time and duration of call. This feature of Highster Mobile is the most used function among the users. Monitoring and recording of outgoing and incoming calls from the target phone is among the most fundamental expectations from a mobilephone tracking software.

This feature of Highster Mobile also records the number of every outgoing and incoming calls with its time and length stamp. Call logs are an extremely strong source of information for Highster Mobile users.

Highster Mobile Browser History

Browser History

In order to track the behavior of kids online, one needs to know the site they visit. Highster Mobile’s Browser History logs details every site visited by the user and tracks its URL as well. This is a very useful tool for parents to know which sites their children visit using their mobile phones.

Employers also use Browser History feature to know which sites their workers visit to learn whether they are wasting time online during working hours visiting non-approved sites. Highster Mobile could help track measure the performance of each employee and use the data in analyzing employee’s promotions and benefits.

Highster Social Networking Logs

Social Networking Logs

Highster Mobile logs all popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp etc. Due to the extreme popularity of social media apps, many parents and employees are worried about the influence they have on users which hooks them 24/7 wasting productive hours in one’s life.

Many kids waste precious study time by getting onto social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. from their mobile phones. Likewise, many companies have problems with the loss of successful working hours due to the social networking usage of their workers.Highster Mobile can help you take action before social networking becomes an addiction.

Highster Stealth Camera

Stealth Camera

One of the most popular features of Highster Mobile is the Stealth Camera function which enables you to take videos and picture from the target device as well as view all the photos and videos taken by the phone.

It’s very simple to use the Stealth Camera feature. All you would need to do is simply start the camera and start taking videos and pictures easily. All pictures and videos of the target phone could be viewed in a secure account.

Additional Features

Monitor all emails being sent or received by your employees, children, or any other family member.
Monitor target phone’s contact, calendar logs, and memo tool.
Check all applications installed.
Alerts user when a pre-designated search term is searched on the mobile device.
Monitor all running applications on the target phone easily.
Remotely uninstall any application on the target phone.
You can remotely lock the target phone anytime from anywhere. This feature is especially useful if the device is lost or stolen.
Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone.
You can activate target phone to take picture from remote location.
Upload GPS coordinates and show it on a Google map.
Access social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many other platforms on the target phone.
Highster Mobile makes it possible to read all WhatsApp messages easily.

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