Getting More Out Of Your Team: How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

Getting More Out Of Your Team: How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

Managing or supervising a team at work isn’t easy, and you are probably looking for employee monitoring examples and ideas to track your team’s work. We all know that many employees gossip about office-goings, even though they are not supposed to. They may also participate in other useless and time-consuming tasks like taking a nap, messaging someone outside of the company about a personal matter, or spend time on social media sites or on YouTube.

The best answer to tracking how your employees work on company time is by using employee monitoring software like Highster Mobile. We have listed some of the features of this app that can help you manage your team better, get more out of your employees, and help your business.

What Exactly Is Employee Monitoring Software?

Modern business wouldn’t be complete without computers, tablets, and cell phones. Even employees in the construction business have their own work devices. And in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of employees who are being issued smartphones by the company they work for. All of these devices can be used by the company to track and observe how their employees use their time while they are in the office. The applications that are used to track these activities are collectively called employee monitoring software.

As mentioned above, you can use desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets to monitor your employees’ activities. You can even use smartphones to know the location of every employee that has a company phone. This is especially useful in cases where employees work from home or work door-to-door.

How To Get Highster Mobile On Your Company Phones

For cell phone monitoring apps, such as Highster Mobile, the usual way of getting the app is to go to the website and sign up for the service. It may cost you a few bucks but the upside is huge compared to what you are shelling out. Then, depending on the operating system on the device you wish to monitor, you will either have to install the app on the device or just get the iCloud details. There is no need for the phone to be rooted or jailbroken, which is a good thing since rooting or jailbreaking can break a phone. You don’t want a $600 paperweight now, do you?

Research estimates that in the United States and other developed countries, around 90% to 95% of the workforce can be monitored by employee monitoring apps. This may surprise you, considering the figure is quite a big one, but this is the percentage of employees who have mobile phones.

Once you have installed the app or accessed the iCloud account of the target phone, you will be able to access and track when the employee used their company phone, what they did on the phone, and other items. It all depends on what goals of monitoring are and what metrics you are measuring.

For example, if you wanted to measure how much time your employee spent watching cat videos or texting people things which are not related to his tasks, you can just read the portion of the report dedicated to those metrics.

Covert vs Overt

Monitoring your employees covertly (without them knowing) is commonly done by employers, but is frowned up. It is recommended that, before you actually implement the monitoring practice, you will get the permission of your employees before doing so. This approach fosters trust between the work force and the people managing them and can help with morale and productivity. Not disclosing your monitoring could result in a lawsuit later down the road. We at Highster Mobile only support the monitoring of employees with their permission and consent.

What Features of Highster Mobile Can Benefit Business Owners?

Highster Mobile can let employers access almost the entire phone. It has a lot of features that can help employers improve productivity and deter undesirable behavior. Let’s find out what they are.

● Access Web History

The app can access the phone’s web history, even if that history has been deleted. This will allow employers to see which sites the employee frequents, and how much time they spend on those websites. This can be used to measure how much of the company’s time and resources are being wasted, and how much money is being thrown away by this worker.

● Monitor Social Media, Apps, and Mobile Games

It can access social media, games, and other apps. Much like the feature allowing employers to see the phone’s web history, this feature also allows business owners to determine how much time is wasted on social media, gaming, and other useless and time-wasting activities. Social media platforms that can be monitored in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

● View Call Logs, Texts, and Emails

Highster Mobile can access call logs, emails and text messages. This is actually one of the most important features of the app since this can help the company avoid losing their data to their competitor. Meaning, it prevents employees from leaking critical business information (accidentally or purposefully) to competitors. The ability to determine which phone sent the email with the leaked data can be a strong deterrent for would-be saboteurs. And the feature that can access even deleted messages can only help.

Never forget that monitoring should be done according to local, state, and federal laws. With that in mind, you should use a powerful monitoring app that can let you access the whole phone, and can generate a report on the phone user’s activities while you weren’t monitoring in real-time. Highster Mobile is that app to use! Plus, it has an easy-to-use dashboard that anyone can use, even those who are not as well-versed in modern technologies. Know more by going to right now!