Managing The Risks Of Your Business: Using GPS For Employee Monitoring

Managing The Risks Of Your Business: Using GPS For Employee Monitoring

The internet has given us many things, including useful ways to monitor employees and and how to detect employee monitoring software. With the internet came many applications and hardware used to monitor and track people, and businesses caught wind of these. In the workplace, it is now almost a necessity to have security cameras to capture employees’ activities. The bigger the company premises, the more security cameras there are.

Use GPS Tracking Technology Over Security Cameras

However, security cameras can only be used inside buildings to monitor employees and know their whereabouts. If placed outside company premises, like for example in a company car or a delivery truck, you can certainly see everything the camera can see but you have no way of finding out where the employee in question is.

This is where GPS technology can be really counted on. It tells you where an employee is at any given time. Well, it actually tells you where the device is that has the GPS tracker on it. If you know the place where your employee is at, you can ensure that they are following their route. There are many things that you can get when you use GPS tracking systems. Here are some:

  1. It boosts efficiency especially for those in delivery and other tasks that require employees to be in the field. Look, it’s not a secret. Many employees waste time, in the office and in the field. However, with monitoring software and GPS tracking, those days are numbered. An employee who wastes about one hour of company time loses the company about $20,000 every year. Also, delivery and mobile employees are outside for a reason. They are going out to respond to customers, and responding on-time should be a paramount concern. If employees were late, it could send a negative message to clients, which can spark interest in a competitor. GPS tracking lets you confirm that there were no detours taken by your employees in the field on their way to customers.

  2. It is useful in determining a company’s compliance to labor laws and monitoring employee overtime hours. If the employee is still inside the office and they have their company phone with them, it is easy to prove that they earned their overtime hours. Same thing goes for people in the field. If they were on the location that they were supposed to be doing work at, then paying overtime won’t be a problem for employers if it is really warranted. And if the employee isn’t supposed to be working after a specific time, then tracking their whereabouts on the days in question should be proof of the company’s compliance with labor rules.

  3. GPS is the best tool you can use to prove that your delivery driver did not commit any traffic violations. Let me give an example. There was a report of a traffic accident involving a car and a company vehicle, but they weren’t sure which company it was from, and there were no cameras on the road or on the car. Somebody gave a statement that they were positive it was your company vehicle. Looking at the places where the company vehicle went proved that it was nowhere near the scene of the accident.

  4. Verifying company time records, ensuring that your employees are following policies and conducting themselves in a safe and professional behavior can be added to this list. If it is something that can be resolved by looking at where the employee has been, then tracking their location.

Legality of Employee Monitoring

There is one thing that every employer must remember before installing tracking and monitoring software on company property. By law, they need to inform their employees of their plan to implement monitoring and tracking protocols before they do so. If the warning is after the fact, they might be cited for invasion of privacy and a slew of other violations. They also need their employees’ permission to be monitored.

Regarding vehicles, it is quite a complicated matter since every state’s law is quite different on tracking. The best thing to do is to be very familiar and understand every stipulation on tracking and monitoring laws in your state.

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