Parental Monitoring App: A Parent’s Take

Parental Monitoring App: A Parent’s Take

It has always dawned on parents that it is quite impossible to have eyes on their children at all times. When the parents are not around, they don’t have the level of control that they would want over their children’s activities. This makes it easier for their children to be targeted by others whose intentions may not be the purest. Thankfully, this is all resolved with the use of a parental monitoring app.

According to Eric Schmidt, former chairman of Google, there are only two states that children are in. He says kids are either asleep or online. While they are online, they are exposed to content that even us adults would not be so brave to read, listen to, or watch. More than that, they are exposed to people, an infinitely more dangerous element of the web. Between the content and the people online, parents are hard-pressed to keep their children safe while not hindering their ability to learn things off of the Internet.

How Vulnerable Are The Children?

Professionals have long conceded the fact that children are especially vulnerable to the content found on the internet. This is heightened for those who have low self-esteem, early use of illicit drugs or alcohol, or an abundance of unsupervised time. They are more at risk of being influenced by older people they meet online and through text messaging apps. These children are in danger of becoming a virtual addict, obsessing over things they find on the web and not developing functional relationships in the real world.

They are also in danger of being targeted by unscrupulous people who might exploit them through manipulative methods. There are many ways of getting the attention of these kids, and these predators know them all and use them to the fullest extent. Getting a cell phone monitoring app installed on your kid’s phone is the main way to protect them from these online criminals.

Risks Children Run Into When They Use Their Phones

Bullying – Most of us are aware that bullying happens at school or in the neighborhood. Bullying has also spilled onto the web, creating the crime of cyberbullying. The most significant difference between conventional bullying from its cyber-twin is that cyberbullying can come from almost anyone, even from adults who don’t care that they are bullying kids. It may not come from just one individual but from many, because of the number of users on the internet. The amount of pressure and shame that a kid who is cyberbullied is well beyond many people’s comprehension.

Stalkers and sexual predators – Not many children online would admit that they are being stalked by other people. This may be because they don’t know they’re being stalked. They might have befriended people who genuinely seem nice and friendly. Once kids feel comfortable with them, these predators may then ask for contact numbers and other details, which the kids often provide. Your kids would be in even more danger from that point forward.

The Trigger

So what pushes parents over the top and forces them to install a monitoring app on their children’s phone? Parents understand that when it comes to their children’s safety, there are no halfway measures and no compromises. This is not just for their peace of mind, but for their sense of accomplishment. They have managed to keep their children away from harm. So how do they do this? They use monitoring apps to find out about their children’s phone activities. This is how parents manage to be warned beforehand of any ill-advised activities their kids might be participating in.

Why Is A Cell Phone Monitoring App Relevant?

Having a mobile phone that can access the internet is a big responsibility, and most children are not aware of the gravity of having one. They often have no idea how much danger they are actually when using a phone until the parents step in. And how would parents know when to step in when they have no idea of what their kid is doing on the phone. That is why having a monitoring app installed can be one of the biggest tools in a parent’s arsenal.

Knowing what children are up to could even be a guide on how to adjust their moral compass. By being aware of the things their kids are saying through text, social media, and such, parents can come up with ways to adjust their children’s behavior and values.

However, there is one very important thing that needs to be established before you decide to use a monitoring app on your child’s phone. Since the act itself might be construed as an invasion of privacy, parents need to establish trust before they use a monitoring app. For example, you might need to draw out a contract regarding the use of the phone. This could make the terms of how they should be using their phones more concrete and allows parents to mete out sanctions should the terms of the contract be broken. This also gives parents an acceptable reason to use a monitoring app.

Spy apps can be an integral part of how parents protect their kids. The best monitoring apps will give them everything they need for monitoring their kids’ phones. Highster Mobile has the best value for parents online. Check out what we’re about by visiting our website right now!