Prevent Bad Workplace Practices With Employee Monitoring Software

Prevent Bad Workplace Practices With Employee Monitoring Software

In a perfect world, employees would be naturally diligent at their jobs. However, this is not the case. To help keep an eye on their employees’ work, business owners use employee monitoring software. Before implementing this system, it’s important for them to know the employee monitoring pros and cons.

Many employers see the need to monitor employees, but some of them care more about the app price than finding a reliable app. However, using a reliable app can actually help them find out if their employees are disciplined enough to do their jobs properly. If enough employees follow the process and are diligent in all their tasks, business goals will be completed on time.

What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

Put simply, these are applications allow companies to observe employee activity done on company-owned computers, mobile phones, and other devices. You can even monitor the computers of those who are working remotely as long as they are using a company provided device. Monitoring software programs have extensive applications in the industry, including device screenshot capabilities, creating employee productivity reports, monitoring work emails, and data theft prevention. One of the best we have inspected thus far is Highster Mobile.

These applications are all tied up to the primary reason why companies use employee monitoring apps, which is to make sure that their employees don't waste company time on useless or harmful activities. Meaning, they don't use their work stations for leisure or for their own personal work. All of these waste company resources, which equals $$$.

What Business Owners Can Expect

Methods to monitor employees will allow managers to identify the employees engaged in particular activities at a particular time. This, in turn, makes every employee accountable for every task done and not done. It also gives a quick and accurate analysis of the employee productivity.

What Can Be Tracked Using Employee Monitoring Software?

There are tons of things that need to be tracked by a company. These are some examples of things that monitoring apps are capable of tracking.

  • It can track when an employee logs in and out of the system, effectively tracking their time when they were online or offline.
  • It monitors the emails sent and received by the user. This is quite useful since each email could contain inappropriate or sensitive material which gets sent to an unauthorized person. Using this feature properly prevents data theft and leakage.
  • Keeping an eye on employees who work from home. You’ll know what work they’re doing and when, without needing to physically see them.

Measuring Workplace Productivity

There are estimates suggesting that the average employee is wasting 1.5 hours to more than 4 hours a day, despite being paid for 8 hours of work. These studies also state that around 3% of employees waste more than 8 hours of paid company time. That's a lot of useless man hours that the company is paying for.

Assuming that your team has one or two do-nothings who just can't go a day without watching cat videos on the web. If they waste one hour a day and you're paying even just $11 an hour, your company is looking at $29,000 to $58,000 in lost wages every year. And, for a fraction of this amount, you can get the most reliable and powerful monitoring app. Great trade-off, right?

Why Employees Need To Be Monitored

Aside from preventing loss of resources on useless man-hours, monitoring apps offer a lot more benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. It prevents data leakage and theft. This is such a serious risk for many businesses. Corporate sabotage is a big deal, and the people who are caught doing it have severe punishments waiting for them if proven guilty. One of the best features these apps have is that they send notifications to system administrators whenever somebody is sending an email from within the company's domain to somewhere outside of it. It can also detect the upload of files to a location other than the company's servers and send a warning to the person in charge.
  2. It identifies mistakes early. Every company has a process in place for its operation and administration. If an employee forgets to do things by the book, it could cause catastrophic consequences for the company, like if a person forgets to work on a critical and urgent project for a major client. It detects these types of errors early so they can be resolved without too much damage.
  3. It ensures the safety of employees. Employees who work in the field are often on their own and are subject to a lot of dangers. Tracking and monitoring apps like Highster Mobile on their mobile devices help keep employees safe in the field.
  4. It helps ensure transparency and compliance for employees working remotely. There are a lot of businesses who are now more open to the idea of remote work and outsourcing. Of course, companies wouldn't be able to personally supervise their remote workers, so this is where monitoring apps come into play. Companies will be able to monitor the quantity and quality of work done by remote workers, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability, even when the work is outsourced to an offshore third-party company.

Highster Mobile is a powerful monitoring app that can be used to observe the behavior of employees in the workplace. Companies want to make sure that their staff are doing the work the company pays them for. Track IMs, websites, and their location using their company phones. Visit our website and check out the best monitoring app right now.