Highster Mobile for Snapchat Tracking

Monitor your child’s Snapchat videos and messages with Highster Mobile

Android iPhone
  • Monitor your child’s Snapchat activity with any internet connected device
  • View all Snapchat interactions, including sent, received, and deleted videos/messages
  • Compatible with many other social media apps, such as Facebook & Instagram
  • Android rooting and iPhone jailbreaking are NOT required to use the software
  • Live customer support representatives are available to assist you in any way
  • Easy to set-up, app downloads in less than a minute

Highster Mobile Snapchat Tracker

Highster Mobile is the most advanced cell phone monitoring software available today. With this software, you can easily extract all the data from a smartphone or tablet, and view it from your very own smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply download the app onto the targeted device, and in minutesyou’ll be able to view all the information stored on it. All you need is an internet connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer) to access the Highster Mobile dashboard. Once the software has been successfully installed on the targeted device, simply log in to your Highster Mobile dashboard and you’ll be able to see all the information that’s been extracted. With this software, you can view just about everything available on the device, including;

Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram videos and messages (sent, received, and even deleted), current GPS location, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, and more!

Quick and Easy Setup

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Monitor your child’s Snapchat videos and messages with Highster Mobile

Monitor Snapchat with Highster Mobile

Snapchat is perhaps the most difficult social media platform to monitor. That is because each time a “snap” is sent or received, it will automatically disappear in just a few seconds. Leaving no trace of the short video that was played. This renders more conventional tactics, like looking through a person’s phone while they aren’t around, completely useless.

Fortunately, cell phone monitoring apps like Highster Mobile exist to help make phone monitoring easy. The app works by taking snapshots of all the activity that occurs while the targeted device is in use. So you’ll never miss a single “snap” or message that the person sends. Afterwards, the software will automatically upload all the data it has collected to a secure server. Once the information has been uploaded, the user can then log into their Highster Mobile account to view all the Snapchat activity that has taken place. The data will even be sorted for you, displaying time stamps, video duration, usernames and more. Highster Mobile has everything you need to monitor Snapchat and so much more!

Works with all iPhone & Android Devices

  • iPhone 13 (all)
  • iPhone 12 (all)
  • iPhone 11 (all)
  • iPhone X (all)
  • iPhone 8 (all)
  • iPhone 7 (all)
  • iPhone 6 (all)
  • iPhone 5 (all)
  • iPad (all)
  • Samsung (all)
  • Google Pixel
  • LG (all)
  • HTC (all)
  • Motorola Devices
  • And all other Android devices
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30-day Money Back Guarantee

All of our products come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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100% Safe & Secure

Our downloads are guaranteed to be clean of viruses, spyware or adware.

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Expert Support

Our expert technicians are here to help if you need assistance.

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I was blown away

Having tried a few other cell phone monitoring apps on the market, I was completely blown away by the sheer amount of information Highster Mobile was able to upload from the cell phone. I never thought I'd be able to get all the information I needed, but this app made it all possible.

Kelly P. January 22, 2019

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This app makes parenting easy

As a single mother of three teenagers, it's impossible for me to stay on top of all the things my kids are doing every minute of the day. That being said, the Highster app has been such a huge relief for me. I can now see exactly what my children are up to on their phones whenever I want. I've even setup several alerts that go straight to my email incase one of them does something they're not supposed to be doing.

Sarah M. October 11, 2018

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Huge boost in productivity

Being a small business owner, one of the most important things to me is the productivity of my workers. If they're at all distracted or slacking off, then it's going to cost the company (and myself) a fair bit of money. While I can't always be looking over my employees shoulders, this app allows me to make sure they remain focused on the task at hand.

Michael H. April 15, 2019

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